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Give your worries to God through the Power of Prayer

When we pray we are basically talking with God. It is simply expressing our deepest thoughts and spending time with Him.We can give thanks to God for all the things in our life. Being thankful is being grateful for his protection, provision, blessing, and most of all for his Son, Jesus Christ.We can ask God for the specific things we need in our life. Give us our daily bread. Give us the things we need to survive, a roof over our heads, employment etc.
We can ask God to help those who we know are in great need.  Victims of earthquakes, floods, those who are living through wars and who are suffering from terrible diseases.   People we know who are unwell, either at home or in hospital.
Prayer is a powerful force that can help us gain wisdom in difficult situations, guidance in our relationships, and strength for success.
A prayer which many people find helpful when they pray is the Lords Prayer.  It can be used on it’s own, or as part of personal prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is the model of prayer that Jesus taught us, as recorded in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.  It is presented here in it’s modern form.

Please read below to view some other methods of prayer



Light a candle and if possible sit in a room dark enough for the candle to shed some light.
Look at the flame and observe the life that is in it – it’s movement and brightness, how the flame is never still.  Allow yourself time to watch the light it sheds and to watch the darkness and the shadows.  Light is itself a gift of God. Give yourself time to get in touch with the light of Christ shining in the dark places of the world.  There is no need to try to think interesting thoughts – just stay with the light. The light shines on in the darkness and the darkness has never quenched it. (John 1.5) The darkness will never overcome the light.  As long as the light burns it is more powerful than all the darkness in the world. Recall that Christ promised he would dwell in us.  How easily we forget this!  His light is in you, not simply outside you, and that light wants to shine out through you and enlighten the world.  Give some time to this, picturing the light in the heart of you and waiting to allow God to make you a light in a dark world. Think of that light shining in front of you and within you being carried out into the dark places of the world.  Think of the dark places in the world and of the people you know who are in darkness and in need of light.  Pray for them. Finally extinguish the candle but pause to recall that the light continues to burn inside you.  Return to this thought whenever you can during the day. ‘He who follows me,’ said Jesus, ‘shall have the light of life’.  (John 8.12)

At the Cross of Christ

This symbol of pain helps us to focus our scattered thoughts.
We bring to Jesus our most desperate pleas to help.
We come for healing, to be made whole.
We bring the sins that cloud our lives, some from years past, seeking forgiveness.
We come to worship the Son of God who died on a cross to give us life everlasting.
We have been here before and have taken away the burdens we brought with us.
We come to say thank you for the free gift of God offered for all.
We come knowing that others are here for the same reasons.
We come with our promises and pledges for the future in His service.
We come to pray for others and that we might forgive as He forgives us.
We come to draw aside for a while from the turmoil.
We come to pause, to listen, to spend precious time with Him.
We come that when we later leave we will know His blessing.
I am here Lord, but you know that, I try to hide away from you, but you are always there,
I am what I am.  Lord make me who you want me to be for you.

Stones and Water

Take a pile of stones and a bowl of water.  Place the stones in the bowl of water as an act of confession, or of letting go of hurts and anxieties. Washing away your worries.

Slide Show

Resize of Picture 301The Methodist Church has created a slide show reinforcing the power of prayer with carefully chosen psalms and quotes from the bible.  Please click on the link below to take a look.

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